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Friends of ACET in Uganda

Friends of ACET in Uganda (FAU) are a devoted group of acet UK supporters who have a particular heart to see the invaluable work of ACET in Uganda sustained. 

As well as providing regular financial support for ACET in Uganda's unrestricted use, generous donations have also enabled FAU to sponsor Nakulabye Junior School (NJS) - a Kampala school for about 650 children, many of whom are AIDS orphans. FAU do this in several ways:

  • by paying fees for some of the poorer students who would otherwise not be able to afford to go to school 
  • by paying for daily porridge and a piece of fruit (usually a banana) for each pupil, as many go without an evening meal 
  • by assisting in providing stationery for those children who can't afford to provide their own

In 2008, in partnership with FAU, Rianna's Fund and other sponsors, ACET in Uganda was able to purchase a 1.5 acre plot of land to rebuild the school. Up to this point, NJS had been little more than a few small, dark and leaking classrooms, fashioned from rough planks of wood, on a ¼ acre site crammed between other buildings in the Kampala slums.


The before and after pictures show the amazing transformation: the children now have large spacious classrooms with a grassed courtyard - and even flush toilets! In 2012, FAU raised further funds to rebuild the school kitchen, and continue to source funds for essential equipment, such as school desks.












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