What's it like being a member of the Esteem network?

If you were thinking about accessing relationships and sex education (RSE) training and have come across acet UK, you might be wondering what the Esteem network is all about.

We include your first year of membership to the network in the training fee for our accredited RSE course, which not only gives you a licence to use our huge range of Esteem materials but also gives you access to ongoing support from the acet UK team, discounts on further training and early access to newly developed resources. It's great value for money and a source of amazing support for your RSE practice.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what a few of the amazing RSE educators who are already members of our Esteem network have to say. 

"I am the schools work educator for RSE at Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre as well as being the employed youth team leader for a local church. I have been an Esteem Network member of acet UK for the past couple of years and have found them to be an inspiring and innovative charity with a real passion for teaching young people about sex and relationships.

Prior to this, I was a teacher for over 15 years and, in all this time, the training offered by acet UK has to have been the most comprehensive and engaging that I can ever remember. I regularly use the resources provided to the network members in my teaching as they are extremely interactive and the content notes are very comprehensive. I find that the young people we use the activities with really enjoy the sessions and I have found myself feeling very motivated to learn more about this field through the up-to-date creativity and visionary ideas that acet UK provide.

Gareth Cheesman, the acet UK Esteem Network Director, is fantastically creative in the resources he provides for Christian educators like myself, and he is always brilliant at answering questions or giving advice. Recently, Gareth has also provided some excellent online skills training for members who need support in finding new ways to teach RSE due to Covid-19. I have learnt some extremely helpful things from these, such as how to use a range of online programs I’d not used before as well as discussing which topics we may need to focus on going forward. There is no question that is ever too ridiculous to ask, and Gareth and the acet UK team are amazingly encouraging.

The fact that acet UK are a Christian organisation is also very important as it means that they are aware of faith aspects that may arise in church youth settings and that they share the values of our own charity in promoting healthy, loving relationships.

I cannot recommend acet UK more highly as they are the most inspirational charity you could imagine." Rachel, Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre

"It's hugely beneficial being part of the Esteem Network. They show genuine interest in how relationships and sex education is delivered in different parts of the country, and value our input as well as provide us with consistent support and advice. Gareth’s monthly emails are something I look forward to and truly inform and improve our work. There are articles, blogs and crucial news and updates on everything and anything related to RSE. Following @esteem_acetUK on Twitter is also a great way of staying engaged and in the know. acet UK’s Esteem resources around relationships, self-esteem and sexting (particularly the #IsItOK? activity) are used by us frequently in classrooms and enable pupils to engage in and understand this sensitive and problematic topic of sending nudes.” Ben, Blue Sky Trust

"We really value being members of the Esteem network as we have at our fingertips a range of high-quality, tried and tested resources to use in our workshops. We also have access to an enriching training programme, support from Esteem’s knowledgeable team and are part of a network of like-minded professionals working to support young people. Our Educators have all taken part in the Esteem training which was second to none. Gareth took great care to tailor it, making it bespoke for our unique laws in Jersey and providing us with relevant local information and data. I was extremely impressed and the team found it very useful.” Sarah, Executive Director of YouMatter, Jersey

If you'd like to know more about our training and membership, please visit www.acet-uk.com/training.