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The Mallika program

Over 2 million people in India are living with HIV and the state of Andhra Pradesh has the second highest HIV prevalence rate in the country. Poverty is a serious concern within Hyderabad, the largest city in Andhra Pradesh, where at least 1.7 million people are living below the poverty line in slum dwellings.

Those living in slum communities are at the greatest risk of contracting HIV due to a widespread lack of knowledge about transmission and prevention, inability to afford medical care, and fear of stigmatization. 

In Hyderabad, a core part of the Nireekshana ACET Clinic’s work is the Mallika program, a special program designed to empower women living with HIV or widowed by AIDS.

Women who participate in the program learn stitching, embroidery, computer skills, and improve their English proficiency.

By the time they graduate, the women will have acquired skills to improve their financial situation and capacity to care for their families.

Hand-crafted bags, table mats, jewellery, purses, laptop bags, and other items such as soap and candles generate income for struggling mothers and widows.  

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