Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Our new resources

Your support enables us to develop new resources to strengthen our own education delivery and also to support parents, teachers and youth workers.

Check out the Resources section of the acet UK website to find our ‘Top Tips’ book, which is designed to help parents talk to their children about puberty, relationships and sex; and our new ‘Relationships and Sex Education Reference Guide’ which brings together relevant and up to date relationships and sex education facts and figures, all in one handy A5 booklet.

We have also been developing and piloting a new lesson on emotional wellbeing.

This session is designed to help young people begin looking at some of the fundamentals of emotional wellbeing, such as increasing emotional vocabulary, the ability to perceive emotion within oneself and others, and how the development of empathy can significantly aid feeling connected.

During the piloting of this session we have received very positive feedback from both teachers and students:

     “These lessons are so needed. We haven’t done anything like this in all the years I’ve been teaching.” Teacher

     “People only show a little emotion, but hide a lot. We learnt that it’s ok to feel our emotions and that we don’t need to hide.” Student

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