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Always a part of the family

The year 2002 has very poignant memories for Teen, who was then a nine-year old school girl. That was the year her mother died and she came to live at the House of Grace (a partner of ACET Thailand), a home for children infected or affected by HIV.

Prior to this she rarely saw her dad as he was a soldier and often away on military duty. So after school she spent most of her time at home with her mum. Then her dad died of a mysterious illness and her mother also became very ill and went to live at a Catholic AIDS hospice in a neighboring province 75 miles away.  Teen now had no one to care for her so she was taken in by the House of Grace.  How she missed her mother, whom she could only visit once a month until she died, but over time she felt more and more at home at the House of Grace.

Today Teen continues to be an active and committed member of the House of Grace family.  Her love, joy and warmth touch all of her younger siblings. As well as teaching Sunday school she also leads worship once a month during church services. In May 2016, Teen joined the House of Grace staff caring for orphans just as she has been cared for over the past 14 years.

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