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Kids clubs in rural Nigeria

My name is Irumun and I am 11 years old. I am a twin and have five other siblings in my family. My father died before I was born and it is difficult for my mother to take care of us so I was sent to live with other families. Currently I am with family number four because people always took me back to my mother when they were tired of my stubbornness. I was a disobedient child, very insulting, and always fighting with other children. I didn’t know Jesus and I didn’t have faith in God.

I heard about ACET Nigeria’s Kids Club when it was announced in my school. The Kids Club leader Desmond shared with us about how God loved children like us so much that He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for us.

Before the Club, I did not know anything about HIV, how people get it, and how to protect myself from it. I used to pick up razor blades from the ground or around the house and just use them. I didn’t know that I might be infected with HIV if another person who has HIV used the razor blade before. I now know that HIV does not show on the face and a person living with HIV may not know they have it and so could spread it to others.

I was also taught about personal hygiene and supported with my homework. I was advised to be careful choosing my friends. They us told us not to allow anyone to touch our bodies and if they do, that we should tell our parents.

Now I wash my clothes, cut my hair and nails, brush my teeth, and bathe regularly. I am more serious about my class work and attend school regularly. I have stopped moving with bad friends and I am good to other people instead of insulting them and fighting with them.

Kids Clubs have helped me to know God and respect my parents. I hope to grow in faith and good health.

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