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Championing healthy relationships

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Relationships and sex education in the UK

With your support, we reached 1,510 young people in the borough of Southwark in 2016/2017 with our own relationships and sex education delivery, as well as nearly 700 young people in other areas, including working with a group of very vulnerable young people in a secure mental health unit.

We were also busy training others to deliver the Esteem programme. We ran our training course five times in various locations, as well as providing a number of bespoke training events and teacher inset days. Our network of trained members grew to almost 100, so thousands of young people are being reached across the UK with positive, healthy messages about self-esteem, relationships and sexual health.

Our donors’ support also enabled us to create new resources, including our Girls’ Project, which is taking shape ready to be launched in 2018. Meanwhile our Boys’ Project (a 6 session course which covers topics such as Respecting Women, Consent, Pornography and Sexual Health) received praise from Ofsted! In the report for Grace Academy, one of our network members, the inspector wrote:

“the school provides expertly run six-week courses which enable groups of pupils to explore healthy relationships, personal responsibility and self-esteem. The impact of these courses is exceptional. Pupils gain the confidence to explore these matters openly and intelligently. Leaders’ analysis of the impact of these sessions shows that pupils’ behaviour, attendance and well-being increases and they begin to achieve more in school.”

Thank you so much for supporting this valuable work with our young people.

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