Championing healthy relationships
and sexual wellbeing

UK: parents’ workshops

Our parents' workshops are designed to equip parents and carers to talk with their families about relationships and sex confidently, in a positive and age appropriate way.

During the workshops, we:

  • look at the social landscape children and young people are growing up in;
  • explore the importance of meeting children where they are in their development;
  • encourage parents and carers to explore their own values in regards to relationships and sex, and consider what messages they want to share with their family; and
  • discuss practical suggestions and ideas of how to get started.

During the 2019 spring term, we ran two workshops for 68 parents and carers. One was held at a school in Southwark for Year 7 parents, so the workshop also gave the parents an overview of what their children would be taught in RSE lessons in school by our Esteem team. Here's what the parents had to say:

"It has given me more confidence - especially as I didn’t have the same opportunity to be taught about relationship and sex. growing up."

"I received encouragement that it’s ok, and good, to start conversations early with your children."

"I feel more confident about having more informal talks with our children and not ‘the talk.’"

"I am confident that our children are in the right school and they’ve got all the support they need." 


If you would like to find out if we could run a parents’ workshop at your church or school, please drop us a line at

Do you live in the Chester area? Free workshop for parents and carers

We will be running a free workshop at All Saints, Hoole, on the evening of Wednesday 24th April. Designed for parents, carers, grandparents, aunts, uncles - in fact, any adult responsible for a child of any age. This workshop will help you clarify your own values about relationships and sex, and will provide practical tips for how to take advantage of ‘teachable moments’ to stimulate further family dialogue and closeness.

This is a free event, but booking is essential as numbers are limited. Visit to book a place.