Championing healthy relationships
and sexual wellbeing

Parents' workshops

We are passionate to see young people equipped to deal with the issues around relationships and sex in healthy and well informed ways.  Whilst other adults can provide expert information and an independent voice, we firmly believe that relationships and sex education should start at home, led by parents/carers and supported by the wider family and community.

This can seem like a daunting prospect to many parents/carers, especially as they may not have received good relationships and sex education themselves. 

Our parents' workshops equip parents/carers with the knowledge and confidence to tackle these topics in an age appropriate and positive way. During these workshops we explore:

  • The relationships and sex social landscape children are growing up in 
  • The importance of meeting children where they are in their development 
  • The key messages you want to share with your family  
  • Practical suggestions and ideas of how to get started

If you are interested in us delivering a parents’ workshop in your area, please contact us.

“I found it extremely useful and know others will too.”

“All the issues covered have been so interesting. I would definitely recommend it to other parents.”

“All parents and carers should receive this training.”

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