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Championing healthy relationships

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Parents and carers in Nigeria

Early this year, ACET Nigeria trained 24 parents as peer educators to improve parent-child communication skills through their Better Parenting course.

This engaging course provides parents with the skills for positive parenting and to teach other parents to support and encourage their children in reaching their full potential.

Some of the trained parents were able to form Better Parenting forums in their communities before lockdown, which reached 30 couples and indirectly impacted 62 children.

Chimamanda tells his story

"Before, my home and family life were not peaceful due to lack of understanding between myself and my wife, which affected the health of my children and their education.

After I attended the Better Parenting Forum, I learned that I needed to work to create a strong family and the ACET Nigeria team supported me to do this by engaging my wife and me in activities such as discussions and eating together. I learned that I need to see everyone’s point of view and never commit violence.

Now I am a focussed father to my children and instead of arguing with my wife, we discuss family issues together and support one another."