Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

6 months with ACET Ukraine

Many young people who returned to school after COVID closures were distressed about all they had missed, and had struggled with increased screen time and not being able to see friends. ACET Ukraine’s Healthy Youth University programme for 12-17-year-olds gave them a space to think through their problems and to increase their emotional resilience.

Impressively 4,250 young people from 59 schools were reached in the first 6 months of the 2020/21 year, as well as 360 parents and 320 teachers. This programme focuses on improving the mental, physical and spiritual health of teenagers through education on relationships and sex, prevention of HIV, AIDS, sexting, violence, and suicide.

ACET Ukraine also has had a very packed 6 months reaching 1,040 teenagers across 8 regions through 13 innovative youth clubs.  We celebrate the commitment of the 196 volunteers who make this happen. The clubs provide a much-needed safe and fun space to make friends, gain confidence and learn about life skills from trusted adults. The clubs include a girls’ club, English club, sports club, and music club.

And, amazingly, despite ongoing restrictions, 3,100 people participated in 21 social campaigns in 10 cities!

Great Relationships Stories

A fantastic new church-based project has also been launched! After realising that young people growing up in their partner churches also lacked knowledge on relationships and sex, ACET Ukraine designed a faith-based course for them. We are thrilled that it has so far reached 420 teenagers in 18 churches, and other churches are requesting for it to be started in their congregations.

Yana’s story

"My mum died, I was feeling depressed and didn’t know how to carry on. I cried a lot and didn’t feel like doing anything.

But when I started attending ACET Healthy Youth University, I felt alive!

They supported me, I began to enjoy life and started to dream. We learned a lot about relationships, sex, the female reproductive system, periods and how to take care of ourselves. I learnt about cyberbullying and sexting and we were shown videos about how to keep safe.

I took part in a dance flash mob and am a part of ACET dance ministry. I am so happy to have made lots of new friends."