Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing

Ukraine: strengthening families

Alongside ACET Ukraine’s bespoke ‘University of Healthy Youth’ programme, delivered to young people in schools and colleges, the team provide parents with training evenings. Here they discuss how to build and strengthen family relationships, and install confidence to approach discussions about relationships and sex.

Last year, 7,780 parents benefitted from this training. Educators from 3 regions also delivered ACET Ukraine’s ‘Precious Grain’ training for 275 parents and have been particularly encouraged to see the resulting change in the fathers who attended. In Ukrainian culture, many men dominate the home and struggle to show children love and compassion. Through the 8 seminars, the men began to change these attitudes.

Families were also brought together and celebrated on a Family Day, which involved 14,300 people across 7 cities. 92 teenagers from ACET Ukraine youth clubs took an active part in the event and 62 other organisations joined in.

ACET Ukraine often works in difficult conditions, including  in the war torn region of Maryanka. The young people here live in fear, as there are regular bomb explosions and they risk their lives going to school. Many live in poor single-parent families (families that couldn’t move to safer areas due to financial difficulties) and the fear of war creates an atmosphere of intimidation.

When ACET Ukraine first rolled out their training in the region, many of the young people were resistant and did not want to communicate with anybody. Some blamed their parents for their poor living conditions.


Thanks to the work of ACET Ukraine, barriers have been broken down and young people have built stronger, more understanding relationships with their parents. They now have hope of a brighter future with a family of their own. Here's some feedback from parents:

“I often reproached and insulted my son thinking that by doing this I was raising him properly and could save him from improper actions. I realise now that only kind words, sincerity, attention and love can influence him, not anger. Thank you so much.” Parent of a 13 year old.

“Every year, it is harder for me to be around my son. He doesn’t listen, doesn`t help. I think that today I found the answer to the question - how to improve the relationship with my son. I will try to find out more about his wishes and worries, I will gain his trust back. And of course I will show my love more.” Parent of a 14 year old

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