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Fundraise while you quiz!

Thanks to our partnership with Warp Point, you can run a fun, interactive, online quiz with friends and family - and fundraise for acet UK at the same time!

Warp Point is a FREE platform – follow these few steps to get started:

  1. Schedule your event - and set a minimum donation amount for people to enter.
  2. Create your quiz - with a wide variety of pre-made question packs, you can be up and running in minutes. Or you can use Warp Point’s easy editor to create your own rounds - or have a mixture of the two!
  3. Promote your event - tell everyone to visit your quiz page and sign up to take part! As soon as they've made their donation, they'll be ready to play when the quiz starts.
  4. Have a video call with your friends and family during the quiz to make it even more interactive - in between rounds, Warp Point will give an update on everyone’s scores including a league table for extra competitiveness!

So if you love quizzing, visit to register your quiz and find out more!