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Nigeria: challenging societal norms

To complement their Kids Clubs and HIV prevention and care activities, ACET Nigeria trained 47 parents and guardians of vulnerable children last year, so that the children could more readily absorb and apply education messages, with support and guidance from their families.

The 5-day training course covered comprehensive childcare (health, food and nutrition, education, psychosocial needs, protection) and focused on improving parent-child communication, and increasing knowledge and understanding about child protection.

Using a peer education model, the 47 trainees have gone on to share their knowledge with other parents and guardians. So far, 11 parenting forums have been formed, with 296 parents meeting regularly for ‘Better Parenting’ discussions. More parents will be recruited to join these forums in 2019.

ACET Nigeria volunteer, Joshua, said:

“One of the ways our beneficiaries contributed toward the success of the program was their willingness, their active participation and by asking us to come again for continuity. Also, we consider it a big sacrifice by the parents to allow their children to attend Kids Clubs programs on Saturdays, being the only day they have to do home chores.”

Below is some feedback from parents who attended the parents training.

“Before, I was not listening to my children. After the training, I was able to give listening ears to them. My response to them has changed, even when they are wrong. I value their differences and know what they can do individually based on their personal strength.” Mrs Igwe

“Before I couldn’t differentiate between sex roles and gender roles: some domestic functions were not assigned to male children because I felt it was meant for only female children. I no longer assign roles to my children on the basis of societal dictates but on the basis of their abilities.” Mr Ochayi

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