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Leaving a Legacy

After providing for loved ones, many people choose to leave money to their favourite charity and, as a faithful supporter of acet UK’s work, please might this be something you would like to consider?

It’s easy to do and you don’t have to rewrite your whole will, you can just add a codicil - a dated letter, signed and dated by you and two witnesses (who must not be beneficiaries of your will) stating that you wish to leave a specific sum to charity.

You will need to state the name and number of the charity, add your address and the addresses and occupations of your witnesses. Then leave the letter wherever you keep your will so that it can be easily found.

Your will is one of the most important documents you’ll ever write and, although we know that your first priority will be to provide for those closest to you, many people find that they are still able to leave something to a favourite cause.

A charitable legacy gift can also reduce the inheritance tax burden on your estate. 

Including a gift to acet UK in your will is a straightforward and inexpensive process – your solicitor can add a simple paragraph or ‘codecil’ and will need our registered charity number 299293. Or you could use the simple form from our website at and place it with your existing will.

Our dear friend, Glyn

Glyn MacAulay, a very dear friend (and former Chairperson) of acet UK, demonstrated generosity in abundance in both life and death. Glyn sadly passed away in September 2019, aged 82, and is missed immensely by so many. Yet, his extraordinary impact continues.

Glyn very kindly left acet UK a legacy gift which has helped to fund the work of Nireekshana ACET in India, House of Grace in Thailand, ACET Uganda, and ACET Nigeria, as well as leaving provision for some core funding.

In Nigeria, for example, Glyn’s gift contributed to 7,554 people being reached with HIV education and practical support, 1,883 young people receiving relationships and sex education in Esteem clubs, and 820 children participating in Kids’ Clubs where they receive teaching on how precious they are in God’s sight, learn important life skills to keep them safe, and have lots of fun!