Championing healthy relationships

and sexual wellbeing


22nd March 2017

Sexting is an issue that gathers a large amount of public interest, including from the press and professionals working with young people. However, sometimes it seems hard to identify how to best tackle the issue. acet UK’s Esteem programme includes multiple activities and an example lesson plan, developed over 5 years...

10th March 2017

We hope you are encouraged by the stories in this latest edition of Salt and Light. Your gifts make a difference in so many people’s lives – thank you so much for your continued support.

Teaching the teachers: the majority of the people we train are youth workers but, with the recent proposed government policy change...

23rd February 2017

This month, we had the pleasure of leading some fantastic relationships and sex education (RSE) teacher training for the staff of Oasis Academy Silvertown. It is always fun to work with a new group of passionate educators and this staff team was no exception....

15th February 2017

Just before the half-term break, our good friend, and Esteem educator, Hannah Musa, joined us at a London school. Together we led a session with more than 100 year 12 students, who we’ve been running a series of Esteem RSE sessions for.

During the session, Hannah spoke movingly about her experience of living with HIV –...

9th February 2017
26th January 2017

Come and meet the acet UK team at Spring Harvest 2017, in Skegness, from 10th to 14th April.

Spring Harvest is a great opportunity for us to connect with the Christian community, gain new supporters and get our message out to the Church. Come along to the acet UK stand and find out more about our work,...

24th January 2017

We have just completed our 4 day training in Crawley with a group of fantastic youth workers, who are working with young people in a variety of contexts from delivering lessons and assemblies, to small group work and pastoral care. The training has equipped them to have conversations and be able to run inspiring sessions on self-esteem,...

29th November 2016

36.7 million.

That’s the estimated number of people who are living with HIV globally.

It’s hard to visualise what this number of people looks like. Does it help to say that it’s the equivalent of the population of Canada? Or the equivalent of the number of tourists who visit the UK each year? How can we connect emotionally with...